Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Unique Wine Vinegar

I've been very remiss in posting…we've been crazy busy with tastings. But I'm determined to get back into it!

There is a huge variety of wine vinegars available now….choosing a vinegar is just as complicated as choosing an olive oil. Besides the usual line-up of aged balsamic vinegars and herb-infused wine vinegars, my new favourite is one I discovered recently at a wine store. This is a company that is known for its excellent olive oil...and it's latest release is an unusual and delicious wine vinegar. It's not just a regular wine vinegar it also has sweet Pedro Ximenez dessert wine and some fresh grape must. It is certainly the most unique vinegar I have tried.

Anima Aurea
PX vinegar

Made from old sherry wine vinegar, PX wine and grape must

Acetic sweet smell. Touches tongue sweet, continues wine-like, doesn't hit like vinegar until end, sharp and raisiny finish. It's so complex, bitter.sweet, I could practically drink it alone!

It's like a fusion product: partially vinegar, partially dessert wine!

Doesn't work so well with normal's almost too delicate to stand up to olive oil. It's gets lost in the mix. You could almost use it alone on an avocado or shrimp salad, or on any delicate salad…without oil.
It's also great for cooking…I used it to make a reduction to go on duck breast and it was amazing!